Floralora Flowers
Floralora Flowers is a small, sustainably run flower farm in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario.


Floralora Flowers is a small, sustainably run flower farm in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario. We are committed to providing a wide range of enchanting, locally grown flowers and foliage of the freshest quality to bouquet subscribers, market goers, florists and special event planners. 

Some summer

Well, I have been extremely neglectful to this poor little blog this summer. I keep thinking that one day, I will be super organized and on top of things during the season and will have plenty of time to blog throughout the summer and keep you all up to date. Likely that will never happen to the extent that I dream about it but luckily social media is good and easy for mini updates.

This summer has been a crazy whirlwind. I feel like I blinked and it's over, but we got a lot of work done and moved a heck of a lot of flowers off of this farm! First and foremost I have to gush about Jaime McCuaig. If you've met her, you know, but Jaime is the most wonderful gal and I feel soooo lucky that she fell into my lap this particular summer. Jaime's been my 'intern' this summer but is so much more than that- she's really helped me run this farm and business this season. She's leaving in a month, which we are pretending is not happening, but excitingly, you'll be seeing more of Jaime next season (more news of that soon!)!

Yesterday was my one year anniversary owning this little slice of PEC heaven. It's been such a joy to live and grow on my land this summer, to create and build systems that can be used for years and to dream endlessly about all that is to come here in the future! This fall we are putting up (hopefully) two hoop houses. These will be unheated greenhouses that will allow us to get started a lot earlier in the season. I will also grow more delicate flowers in here to protect them from the elements (like the 100 David Austin Rose bushes I've ordered!!!!) and allow us to overwinter some plants that normally wouldn't survive in this zone (Eucalyptus!).

We have thousands of bulbs and hundreds of peonies to get planted this fall still and a lot of cleanup to do, but I am having so much fun planning next year's garden and imagining all of the ways that I am going to improve and grow for next year!

Next week, Jaime and I are off to a ASCFG grower's conference in Madison, WI. The following week we are headed down to Detroit to participate in a very special event. The Flower House is a project that I've been following for a few months now and when I learned that I had the opportunity to participate in it, I was over the moon! Check out their website and all of the amazing designers who are participating in it! It's sure to be a crazy floral adventure!!! We'll be designing a room with a gang of talent from Toronto Flower Market!



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