Floralora Flowers
Floralora Flowers is a small, sustainably run flower farm in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Wedding Welcome


Thanks for enquiring about having us be a part of your special day! We are so excited to start the planning process with a new potential client. We hope to help make your wedding planning process as smooth as possible!

We love bringing the beauty of our flowers to your big day. Our design is seasonally inspired, sustainably grown and fresh from our farm in Prince Edward County. We delight in hearing your favourite flowers, preferred colours and design ideas. Flowers are our passion and we bring that enthusiasm to each couple we work with.  Whether you want flowers to make your own arrangements, just the bridal bouquet or the full service option-we can help. 

Because we work seasonally, our arrangements are truly one of a kind. As the season changes and different flowers become available, our arrangements shift to incorporate the freshest and most stunning flowers of the moment. This means that we likely can’t replicate a photo you have seen exactly, but we can use that photo for palette, texture and design inspiration.

Finally, we grow our flowers with the health of the earth in mind. We do not use chemicals and take seriously our responsibility to steward the land where we grow. You can feel good about working with us. 

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