Floralora Flowers
Floralora Flowers is a small, sustainably run flower farm in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario.


Floralora Flowers is a small, sustainably run flower farm in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario. We are committed to providing a wide range of enchanting, locally grown flowers and foliage of the freshest quality to bouquet subscribers, market goers, florists and special event planners. 

New life

Growing up, my Mom always grew bulbs in the house. Tulips in spring, at Christmas, Paperwhites were a staple and she always had a beautiful Amaryllis at some stage of life on the go. I always remember having the Amaryllis in the house. Noticing it’s dormancy, new growth or full, luscious red blooms. Watching it's life cycle, year after year.

I inherited her amaryllis bulb a year and a half ago when she died. Ever since it came into my care, it looked as good as dead, itself. Just a flakey, brown nub, poking its head out above the soil, no sign of life. I tried repotting it, feeding it, watering it, not watering it, sun, no sun, half sun and the thing wouldn’t change. But for some reason I couldn’t get rid of it.

This is a year of big change.

I’m starting my business, fulfilling dreams, letting go of the past and using the strength gained from it to look forward with excitement. I’m on the hunt for a piece of permanent property. A place where I can invest in my business and in my future growing beautiful flowers to share with the world. In the meantime I’m working with what I’ve got. I’ve set up my house as a grow-op (my bedroom is a tropical paradise!) and have hundreds of little flower seedlings on the go, I’m renting land to grow on from some lovely, new friends, I have plans to sell my floral bounty across my home of Prince Edward County and hometown of Toronto and I am proud and excited to watch this dream become a reality!

Already, 2014 has been a big one. Wonderful time spent with family, meeting my beautiful new baby niece, all of the immense learning that goes along with starting your own business for the first time, and thankfully, loads of support from those around me.

Last week, my Mom’s house sold and this happened:


I think we’re off to a good start!

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